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ACT is considered to be a standardized test which is utilized by most admissions officers to have various applicants compared from different schools. These may also be from other states. The big question here is – why is ACT crucial? What makes it important?

The Essence of ACT Test

The creation of ACT is done by ACT Inc., This is known as an entrance exam. Lots of universities and colleges use the mentioned for admission decisions to be taken accordingly. The idea in here is for most colleges to be provided with a certain criterion. This can be used so that all applicants may be compared. There is a weight being placed to these ACT scores. This may differ from one school to another. There are so many factors that are considered when it comes to admission. Among these are:

  • GPA
  • Academic Transcriptions
  • Interviews
  • Personal Essays
  • Interviews

Nationally, the ACT is opened to everyone. It may be administered in September, October, December, February, April and June.

The Way ACT Test Works

There are four sections in which ACT is meant for. These are English, Reading, Science and Math. There is also an optional 40-minute writing test. There are schools that would ask for the completion of the writing test. This is why this has to be asked before taking any of it. There are so many expectations to set for every subject matter. These are the following:

  • English
    This is made up of 75 multiple-choice questions. This is answerable in 45 minutes. Usually, it contains grammar, sentence structure, rhetorical skills and punctuation.
  • Math
    This on the other hand is with 60 multiple-choice questions. This may last for almost 60 minutes. It would cover Algebra I and II, trigonometry, and geometry.
  • Reading
    This is comprised of 40 multiple-choice questions. This is doable for 35 minutes. Basically, there are four passages that have to be dealt with here. Among these are social studies, prose fiction, natural sciences and humanities.
  • Science
    This is where 40 multiple-choice questions are seen. These can be answered for 35 minutes. Usually, the questions are based on science-based passages. These can be presented through charts, tables, graphs and even research summaries. These can be expected.
  • Writing
    As said, this may be optional. This is given to some; some do not opt for it. This is an essay that can be composed in 40 minutes.

After the exam, an ACT score can be earned. This may be from 1 to 36. This may occur on every test in English, Math, Reading and Science. There will also be a composite ACT score here. This is when the average of the four tests are taken. Usually, whenever someone asks for your score, they would always be referring to the ACT score. This composite score may always fall between 1 and then 36. As for the national average, the most acceptable is 21.

There are sub scores to be received in Reading, Math and English. This is 29. When it comes to Reading, it should be 30. The same is also true with Science.

The range of the sub score may be between 1 and 18. These scores would always provide details about the performance. Do not get this wrong though because they are unlikely to be utilized by most universities and colleges. This is how different it could be.

As said the essay has always been option. This writing test is basically not a requirement to most schools. However, if the writing test is completed, there can be a combination of the writing and English score. This is way different. There is a detailed information about this. Do not forget to research.

Now the big question is – how can people know if they have obtained the right score so that they end up with their dream school? Most of the time, this is taken during the spring of a student’s junior year. If it is needed, it can be taken agen in the senior year fall. But then, there are more students who opt to take their ACT first and they can do this earlier. This is meant for the flexibility of the ACT test retake. This can be considered by some if called by the situation.

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