Admissions Counseling

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At US Education Resource Centre, our Admission Counseling program is designed to help students evaluate the pros and cons of many big decisions effectively. Limited not just to career counseling, we also offer post-arrival support to our students once they get into the college of their choices. Expert guidance is provided round-the-clock to ensure key attention to detail and holistic support.

Initial Assessment

-> We assess the students academic background to gauge their eligibility for various programs.

-> Our experts identify the students career aspirations and personal interests to match them with suitable study options.

-> Determine the financial resources available to plan a realistic budget for studying abroad.


Academic Counseling

-> Help students select appropriate courses, majors, and minors that align with their academic and career goals.

-> Develop study plans that balance coursework and extracurricular activities.

-> Provide resources for improving study skills and time management.


Career Counseling

-> Discuss potential career paths and job markets related to the student's field of study.

-> Offer information on internships, co-op programs, and networking opportunities to enhance career prospects.

-> Assist in creating a career development plan, including resume building and interview preparation.


Research and Recommendations

-> Investigate universities and colleges that offer programs aligned with the student's field of study.

-> Explore countries and institutions known for their excellence in the chosen academic discipline.

-> Consider factors such as location, living conditions, and cultural aspects in recommendations.


Standardized Tests

-> Provide guidance on test preparation resources and strategies for achieving required scores.

-> Assist in creating a study plan and practice schedule to perform well in standardized tests.

-> Offer support in registering for and scheduling exams according to application deadlines.


Financial Planning

-> Break down the cost of tuition, living expenses, and other fees to create a financial plan.

-> Identify scholarship opportunities and assist in preparing strong scholarship applications.

-> Explore student loan options and financial aid packages to ease the financial burden.


Visa and Immigration Support

-> Explain the specific visa requirements for the chosen study destination.

-> Help students gather necessary documentation and complete visa applications accurately.

-> Provide guidance on interviews, if needed, for the visa application process.


Pre-Departure Guidance

-> Offer insights on finding suitable accommodation near the university or college.

-> Provide a checklist for packing essentials and preparing for the journey.

-> Share tips for cultural adaptation and handling the initial challenges of studying abroad.


Post-Arrival Support

-> Assist students in the university orientation process, helping them get acquainted with campus life.

-> Offer guidance on healthcare, safety, and legal matters in the new country.

-> Maintain regular communication channels for students to seek assistance during their initial months.


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