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Shrey Sethi

GRE Score 336

What is GRE?

The GRE (Graduate Record Examination) is a crucial step on your journey to excellence in international education. A test that evaluates your analytical writing, verbal reasoning, and quantitative reasoning, it is recognized by many esteemed universities and business programs.

Here at the US Education Resource Centre, we are devoted to your academic excellence. Our GRE preparation course offers flexible and personalized options to help you inculcate the concepts with ease.

Top Scorers for GRE

Don’t just take our word for it; see the proof in our results.  Presenting our highest GRE scorers….

Manan Dang

Score: 334

Bhaskar Sengupta

Score: 334

Ankur Khurana

Score: 320

Nilesh Kumar

Score: 326

Vikas Yadav

Score: 321

Sahil Garg

Score: 328

Bharat Parihar

Score: 335

Abhishek Sharma

Score: 330

Sharad Sharma

Score: 323

Rohit Khanna

Score: 329

Dhanraj Jaglan

Score: 325

Arnav Kurana

Score: 331

Shrey Sethi

Score: 336

Rupashi Sehgal

Score: 332

Udayveer Ahlawat

Score: 330

Prachi Tyagi

Score: 329

Vikram Sharma

Score: 328

Tanmay Doshi

Score: 328

Vedant Dubey

Score: 330



Effective September 22, 2023, the testing time for the GRE General Test has been reduced by half, from nearly 4 hours to just under 2 hours. The test still measures students’ verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, critical thinking, and analytical writing skills, but each section is shorter. The unscored section and scheduled break have been eliminated. Additionally, test takers now receive their official GRE scores faster, within 8–10 calendar days (previously 10–15 calendar days).

Despite the shorter testing time, the average time allocated per question remains consistent, ensuring a fair assessment.

The changes were made to expedite and streamline the application and admissions processes for graduate and professional programs. Shortening the GRE test and reducing the score turnaround time lessens applicant fatigue and enables quicker test completion and score submission. These changes were prioritized based on test taker and score user feedback, ensuring strong validity and reliability for confident decision-making by schools.

Yes, the shorter GRE retains an appropriate level of reliability for high-stakes decisions. It continues to assess applicants’ reasoning, critical thinking, and analytical writing skills, which are crucial for success in graduate and professional programs. Business and law programs are also covered by this assessment.

The ETS assures that the shorter GRE maintains its high-quality standards, providing valid and reliable scores for admissions and scholarship decisions.

Yes, it is available for both test centres and at-home testing.

The GRE test fee remains the same. While providing a better testing experience, the shorter GRE Test continues to be a reliable, valid, and secure measure of graduate-level readiness.

While the score scales remain the same, details on how the scoring algorithm may adjust due to the reduced number of questions are yet to be unveiled.

The retake policy for the shorter GRE is the same as for the current test: once every 21 days, up to five times within any continuous rolling 12-month period (365 days).

The decision to opt for the shorter GRE or stick with the current format hinges on your application deadlines and personal preferences. If time is of the essence, and your application deadlines are imminent, consider taking the current GRE to ensure timely score delivery. However, if deadlines permit and you value a streamlined testing experience with faster score reporting, the shorter GRE might be your preferred choice.

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