Dream School Application

Dream School Application

Helping you transform aspirations into achievements

We understand your aspirations to study abroad and are committed to helping you reach your dream college. Our vast number of services cover all criteria for your college journey, such as expert counseling for selecting the right college or degree to helping you refine those crucial essays. Be it shortlisting or interview preparation, we leave no stone unturned. Your journey to the dream school starts here with us at USERC.

Admission Counseling and Profile Building

-> We offer career guidance to students who are unsure about their major, aligning their interests with market demand for informed choices.

-> Our expert counselors enhance students' profiles by recommending internships and online courses, ensuring they meet top college admission criteria.

-> We groom students to become ideal candidates for their dream colleges, reflecting what these institutions seek in applicants.


University Shortlisting

-> We assist students in short-listing colleges based on their profiles, including academics, test scores, and interests.

-> Our team conducts extensive research, evaluating pros and cons, helping students make informed choices.

-> The ultimate decision rests with the student, but we ensure they have all the necessary information for a confident choice.


Scholarship Search and Application

-> We help students search for scholarships that align with their academic goals, background, and the country they plan to study in.

-> We offer step-by-step assistance in preparing and submitting scholarship applications, ensuring all required documents are complete.

-> We also advise students on how to increase their chances of securing scholarships through strategic application approaches and financial planning.


Document Editing

-> Our dedicated editors guide students through the entire editing process to make their profiles appealing.

-> We focus on admissions-based editing, aligning documents with resumes, courses, and universities for a strong application.


Application Assistance

-> We assist students with the intricate application process, including deadlines, document preparation, and interactions with universities.

-> Our support extends to crafting effective emails for a good first impression.

-> We provide guidance on transcript formatting to ensure students submit compelling applications.


Interview Preparation

-> We offer tailored mock interview sessions, with multiple rounds if needed, aimed at simulating real interview experiences.

-> We provide students with an extensive list of potential interview questions and expert guidance on crafting effective responses.

-> We help students build their confidence, enhance communication skills, and excel in interviews through rigorous preparation and feedback sessions.


Alumni Network

-> We help connect our current students with a network of alumni who have successfully completed their studies abroad.

-> Alumni provide guidance on academic challenges, cultural adaptation, and career prospects, helping current students navigate their journey effectively.

-> Alumni networks offer opportunities for personal and professional growth, including potential internships, job placements, and valuable connections in various fields.


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Ashish Khurana

MBA from Questrom School of Business with 100% Scholarship, Boston University

Sahil Garg

MS in Cyber Security from U.T Dallas

Vikram Sharma

MBA from Schulich School of Business, York University

Dhanraj Jaglan

MIM from ESCP, Paris

Sanjeeta Kumar

MIM from WHU, Germany

Kumar Mangalam Sharma

MBA from Questrom School of Business IELTS

Mehul Bawa

MBA from John Molson School of Business, Concordia University

Abhinit Malhotra

Bachelor in Business Administration From the University of Toronto

Sanmay Yadav

BS in Computer Science from Boston University

Prabhav Chawla

BS in Computer Science from Georgia Tech

Akshath Chaudhary

Computer Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, McGill University, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Nikshay Sehrawat

College of Engineering at Texas A & M, Purdue University, University of Michigan Ann Arbour

Raja Debnath

Oxford, Final admits ISB, IIM-A, IMD

Ruchirangad Sharma

Computer Science, UC Berkeley, Boston University, University of Michigan Ann Arbour

Sameer Kenkare

MIT (also in Oxford, Interview invites from HKUST, Cambridge)

Sanmay Yadav

BS in Computer Science from Boston University

Sarthak Dhingra

Munich Business School, UCD Dublin, HHL, Frankfurt School, Mannheim Business School

Sayak Dey

ISB, NYU-Stern, Krannert, Texas A&M

Vedant Dubey

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, University of Colorado Boulder, Masters in Aeronautical Engineering

Manasvi Chegu

Bachelor of Engineering from the University of Hongkong, The University of Maryland College Park

Armaan Chawla

Bachelor of Science, Business Management (Business Analytics) from the University of Surrey, UK